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Can you afford to ignore the Muslim Travelers?

With the increasing growth, more and more business and destinations are now focusing their marketing to reach the Muslim Travelers.

Don’t ignore Muslim Travelers as you could be missing out a HUGE opportunity

Are you ready to break boundaries and set yourself apart from the competition? Lots of business are now noticing and taking heed of the fact that Muslim travellers and holiday makers are on the up and up and according to the latest figures by Crescent Ratings in 2016 there seems to be a whopping 121 million international Muslim travellers and holiday makers and this number is only going to go up. Do you know how much their travel expenditure is going to be? An eye watering $220 BILLION by 2020.

So unless you have a tree that grows money, this is something that you as a travel based business should be looking into and with our help we can really help you tap into a piece of the pie. So lets loosen up the grey matter and start generating some revenue.

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Understand and Cater to the Muslim Traveller:

Muslim Travellers are sprightly bunch of people. They love nothing more than roaming around with their loved ones and explore this wonderful little planet of ours and take in its secrets and delights. During their travels they would want to also observe certain aspects of their faith such as dietary requirements. We can help you better understand the individual Muslim traveller and offer insights on how to really help yourself to help them get the most out of their vacation. After all if you do a good job looking after the basics you will certainly gain a customer for life.

Build a plan to attract Muslim Travellers.

As the old saying goes ‘if you fail to plan then you will plan to fail’. Working with us we help you build a plan of action that will attract Muslim travellers from the world over. With our detailed understanding of the Muslim Traveller we will help gain valuable insights that will help you build a marketing or product plan that will have Muslim travellers beating your door down and asking ‘where do I sign up’?

Connect to Muslim Travellers by appealing to Muslim values, needs and sensitivities.

Another famous saying is ‘know your customer’. This is important for any business if it values success and growth. With the growing number of Muslim travellers it is important to understand what makes them tick and why they would choose you over anyone else when it comes to their travel requirements. Muslim’s are just like any other bunch of holiday makers and travellers so it’s important to understand how you can help them get the most out of their precious vacation time. By understanding their dietary requirements, religious requirements etc. you will be on your way to a whole load of success, and with our help you can really get to understand the Muslim Traveller and work with them in providing a service that they will remember for a lifetime.

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