Muslim Packing Guide

Muslim Packing Guide

We have put together a Muslim Packing Guide to help eliminate the stress of packing and get you back to focusing on enjoying your travels.

Step 1: Gather Important Travel Documents

Rule of Thumb always leave copies of your passport and itinerary with friends or family.Passport/Visa- Photocopy of first page of your passport and drivers license
Birth Certificates
Vaccines and Medical History (many countries require immunizations for entry into the country)
Travel Itinerary
Cash, Credit card, Foreign currency
Register with you Embassy and most importantly know where your Embassy is located at your destination

Step 2: Prepare Your Carry-On Bag

Travel Prayer Mat
Compass or Prayer App
A change of clothes (in case your luggage is lost)
Smartphone/mobile and charger
Tablet and charger
International travel adapter and converter
Digital camera and batteries
Travel pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs
Hand sanitizer, wet wipes, pain and fever relievers, prescription drugs

Step 3: Pack Your Toiletry Bag

Personal Toiletry (double bag all of your toiletries in a zip lock bag)
Sunscreen and Lip balm (choose one with SPF of at least 30)
Sunglasses (it’s important to protect your eyes)
Insect repellent
Anti-Diarrhea medication, mild laxative, Antacid, Band-Aids, Antihistamine, Motion sickness pills or bands

Step 4: Pack for your Trip

Rolling Suitcases or Travel Backpack (every traveler is different, pick the one that suits you the best)
Daypack For Daily Sightseeing (perfect for keeping all your stuff in one bag)
Comfortable Walking Shoes
Appropriate clothing (pack for the weather in the country you are visiting)
Sealable plastic baggies (perfect for water activities)

I hope this packing guide has been useful. Now that you are done packing, go forth and enjoy your next adventure!

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