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Make your trip more meaningful with these 5 tips

1. Immerse yourself in the Culture –The only way to truly appreciate a destination is to become part of the local life and connect with the land and its people. Learn the basic lingo such as hello and thank you. Locals will appreciate you making the effort to do so. Go to the local Masjid and interact with fellow Muslims. You never know where a simple introduction or question may lead to.

2. Travel with Family and Friends– There is no greater reward for travel, than having those experiences with your loved ones. Traveling as a family or with friends brings both adults and children together and you’ll cherish those memories for a lifetime. Spending time together increases learning opportunities, builds trust and establishes long lasting relationships.

3. Learn Something to Remind you of your Trip- Most of us take vacations to enjoy a break from your daily routines. Why not take up a local cooking class, learn a local custom, or find out about local recreation and head there. Imagine the surprise and delight your family and friends will get when you serve them an exotic dish that you have learned to prepare in one of your travels or you pull out a scarf you made in a silkscreen printing classes .

4. Give back– Add a volunteer aspect to your trip by visiting a local Charity. In Islam, charity is one of the five pillars of Islam and should be a way of life practiced by the whole family. If the entire family cooperates in performing acts of charity, their rewards will reinforce and increase each other. Even small good deeds can have a tremendous positive effect on others in this life. I recommend volunteering with Islamic Relief. They are an international aid agency with locations world wide.

5. Support local business- Hire local guides; go down to the local markets instead of buying duty free or at your resort. Local artisans make their money through tourism, it’s cheaper and it’s handmade and authentic. Plus you get to meet the people.

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