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I’m guessing that you ended up here because, like me and many other Muslims, you have a yearning to explore the world and are in need of Halal Family Friendly vacation spots. You’ll be happy to know that the Halal Travel industry is growing at a rapid pace. The Travel industry is taking notice and making strides in appealing to the halal market.

I started this site when I fell short in my search for Muslim Friendly Vacation locations. That’s when I realized that I must not be alone in my pursuit for halal vacations.

Muslim Travel Rocks is a place where Muslim Travelers are able to seek out information on Halal and Muslim Friendly destinations. If you have a yearning for an enriching cultural experience, want to experience a family adventure, or have a desire to push beyond your comfort zone during your travels, then look no further.

We are here to show you:

  • That it is possible to discover Muslim Family Friendly Destinations
  • That it is possible to show up at a Non-Muslim destination and be greeted with Muslim Friendly services and accommodations.
  • That it is possible to have a thriving healthy relationship while traveling with your family and not compromising your religious beliefs

We’ll recommend Muslim Family Friendly Destinations, give you Reviews of Hotels, Airline, tours along with helpful Travel Tips.

Go ahead, try something new and step out of your comfort zone. Muslim Travel Rocks can help you live out your travel dreams.

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